"How" She asked...

When I told my wife what the next step on my career ladder was, she couldn't have been more supportive. We got talking on why I wanted to do it and who my customers would be. It was when she asked me the next question that it stopped me in my tracks...

“How are you going to do it?"

How was I going to make this happen she asked me. That's when I started to panic, my mind went blank. I mean I couldn't think. I started to doubt myself. I recovered slightly by going into a load of spiel about high level theory and plans and not actually saying actually how.

She knew what she was doing, she was asking me the questions others wouldn't. Others would just go "oh ok, sounds great". There I was sitting in front of my wife getting grilled. I thought to myself "you #*%>er". It was only after the numerous waves of tea that I understood the reasons behind her pushing my buttons. She wasn't being awkward or picking a fight she was protecting me. She wanted to show me what I knew, what I thought I knew and what I needed to know. Armed with those three pieces of information and another quick brew I had a plan. I knew what I wanted to learn more about, confirm the things I already knew and bulk up the things that I already know.

My plan was simple, it was just to start learning. I took a course, It's only a small online foundational diploma but it started me off. I knew I wasn’t naive enough to think that I knew everything to make my next step but i was determined. I chose different websites and articles to the ones i usually read. Things that made me ask “what does that mean” and “Why are they saying that?”. I stopped looking at the things that didn't help move my head into a better place.

I started to remove distractions.

The big thing that I can pass on to you is that, it's OK not to know everything. It's NOT OK to blag your way through. Make sure you tell yourself "you don't know everything". It's ok to ask for help. It's ok to learn new things and it's even better if you know that you don't know and that you are motivated to do something about it. Pride is a bugger to control, being humble and honest with what you can do really is the better option.

Failing to do anything is the real failure. Be honest with yourself, answer these 3 questions:

1) What do I know 2) What do I need to know? 3) What do I need clarity on?

Then go do it, make a difference. Sign up to an online course or go to a networking event. Spend some time with people you can learn from. Change what you can achieve and just learn more.