Having an idea for a game should be easy.

The first 30 seconds of any game is easy to think up but to trn that into a 2, 3, 30 or 40 hour game takes thinking or an extreme amount of luck.
What i've set myself is to create a game and launch it within 30 days.

A few things to consider: I have a full time job I have a 2 kids and a wife I don't do coding or programming in anyway I'm not counting submission time to the MAS (Mac App Store)

So, the game i think i'm going to make is a jetpac style game. As it's mobile based i'm going to keep it simple. Tap the screen to rise up the screen and make sure you don't hit anything. Coins and Power-Ups will be available i'll just need to figure out why and how we use them.

Let's see what happens.