This was written for my company page but wanted to push it onto here also. Apologies if you read it before.

When you think of UK car dealers and advertising you probably think Autotrader & Exchange & Mart, but there is so much more to be gained by going beyond these 2 sites. People love cars, the lines, curves, colours, dials. They love the emotional attachment a car gives them. One of the best ways to feed this attachment is through amazing visuals. That's why Top Gear was so popular not because of the off-screen dramatics but because the photography and scenes used were engaging. They delivered a wow factor for the viewer that put these machines on a pedestal. So how do you continue that ethos without making it AutotraderGram or InstaTrader. The common response for a car dealer on Instagram is to keep posting all the cars they have for sell. "Buy Me, Buy Me". It does feel lacking in creativity and originality if we are honest. So what could be done differently.

1) People

A dealership at it's very core is about people not cars. People want to trust their decision in what they buy. They want to know that the person they are speaking and dealing with can be trusted. Deep down they know the salesperson is there to sell them the car but it's how they sell defines that trust. Instagram can showcase the real people behind the dealership. Posting photos and situations with the team can really deliver that. Not just "Here's Geoff with a customer who bought this Focus" This is more "Geoff showing how to get the best out of your focus for all those customers that bought one from the dealership". Or "Winter's coming... Top things to check on your car so you're caught out" If you timed that posting with a Game Of Thrones event that could create some strong engagement.

2) Quality

Instagram works if the images you post are of high quality. So invest in a decent camera. Be it on your phone or traditional either way make sure the photos or video you take are visually a high quality. They well lit and angled and they describe the subject well. If you use analytics try and gauge which shots work well and ask your customers also. Sometimes a well timed email to them could give you a vital insight into what works and what doesn't.

3) Instagram has it's place but it's not the answer to everything

Use Instagram for what it's meant for visually engaging with your customers. It's not really the best blogging platform or the best customer service route so think about how you will use it going forward.

So that's it that's Instagram Meets Car Dealership.

If you get stuck we can help you out just get in touch and we can talk about the best things for you and your business could be.